Hans van Loenhoud

Hans van Loenhoud graduated as a biologist and worked in ecological research at the University of Amsterdam.
In 1980 he switched to IT and started his career as a Cobol programmer. For more than ten years, he was involved in development projects for customers in finance, industry and government. Later, he specialized in consultancy on data management, information management and quality management.
Around Y2K Hans entered the field of software testing and worked as a test manager in various projects.
During his work as a tester, he took interest in requirements engineering, because he is convinced that good requirements are a prerequisite for professional testing and that both cannot deliver value without each other. Nowadays, he is committed to build the bridge between the two disciplines, as a regular writer and speaker on these topics and as a trainer for ISTQB, IREB and iSQI courses. He is also a lecturer on Business Requirements and on Test Management at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.
Hans is a member of IREB, the International Requirements Engineering Board, participating in the Executive Committee, and in the Foundation Level neXt and the Advanced Level Elicitation working groups.