[EN] The importance of business analyst … for all those who think they no longer need them

Are business analysts still needed in a software house?

This is the question I am going to answer during my talk. I will show you the reasons why and where the skills of business analysts are necessary even in an “agile software house” only eager to write the long lines of code. You will get insights, from the perspective of the top of an IT consulting company, on how such a role is developed and where it fits within the structure and processes of a software development team. Additionally, you will get some tips regarding combining the business analyst role with other ones in the company and how to contract it with customers. Sharing some observations from the German market, I will present how important and profitable such roles can be for the overall economy, a particular company or at last, a person performing it.

You will be left with some hints applicable to the Polish companies willing to innovate more thanks to specialists in this area.


wrz 27 2019


3:20 pm - 4:05 pm


Sofitel Wrocław Old Town
Świętego Mikołaja 67, 50-127 Wrocław


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