[EN] BA and tester, friends forever!

At the beginning and the end of every development project, two different professions are involved: the BA and the tester. The BA specifies the blueprint on which a system is built, and the tester checks if the system has been built according this blueprint, both deriving their efforts from requirements elicitated with the users. Best quality is obtained when they work together closely and understand the ins and outs of each other’s profession. The accomodate this cooperation, the BA can help the tester by supplementing the gathered requirements with clear acceptance criteria. In turn, the tester can help the BA by early reviewing of requirements and refining and supplementing the acceptance criteria. Specification by Example and Behavior Driven Development are approaches that fit in both professions and facilitate this way of working, especially in Agile environments.


wrz 26 2019


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Sofitel Wrocław Old Town
Świętego Mikołaja 67, 50-127 Wrocław


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